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We believe great yarn begins with happy sheep.


Why Shetlands and Gotlands?

Shetland sheep are a small, hardy breed from the sparse Shetland islands of Scotland. Their tiny size means we can sustainably keep 2-3 times more sheep on our land, and thus offer a wider range of colors and textures in our yarn.

Gotland sheep come from the Swedish island of Gotland. Like Shetlands, they are hardy and known for their unique wool. Their fleece is soft, silky, and so lustrous that it sometimes glistens.

Both breeds are part of a broader lineage of traditional breeds known as Northern European short-tailed sheep. Having evolved to thrive on islands with harsh conditions, they are well adapted to grazing without much need for grain.


Naturally colorful

Shetlands come in a wide range of natural colors, from jet black to bright white to steel grey to chocolate brown, and every shade in between. Gotlands come in shades of silver, ranging from near-white to charcoal.

By dyeing over top of the natural colors, we achieve a range of rich, complex hues that is hard to achieve with just dye alone on white wool. We use Greener Shades dyes, which are free of heavy metals and healthier for us, our farm, and our watershed.


Versatile wool

Shetlands are known first and foremost for their wool. The breed offers two distinct textures: double-coated and single-coated. We spin our yarn to highlight the natural strengths of each type of fleece. Both are soft and excellent for colorwork and Fair Isle designs.

Gotland wool has a unique texture that is entirely different from Shetland wool. Where Shetland wool has crimp and grip, Gotland wool has curl and sheen. Its texture is silky with great drape, and an irresistible luster.


Locally grown, from sheep to skein

Our sheep turn grass into wool, and once it's shorn we send it to Round Barn Fiber Mill in Illinois for spinning, just on the other side of Lake Michigan. They do great work with Shetland fiber and can accommodate our small batches and long fleeces. Our dedication to local fiber makes our yarn a great choice for folks interested in slow fashion and sustainability.


Shetland Light

Our Shetland Light yarn is a lofty, luxurious 2-ply light fingering-weight yarn. Spun with wool from our "kindly fleece" sheep, it is our softest yarn. It is ideal for next-to-skin garments like sweaters and scarves. Folks are usually surprised when they feel it - many compare the texture to Merino.

Shetland Light comes in 350yd/65g skeins.


Shetland Sock

Our Shetland Sock yarn is a light, 2-ply fingering-weight yarn. Spun with both the soft undercoat and slightly coarser outer coat of the Shetland fleece, it has a soft handle but at the same time is rustic and hardwearing. It is ideal for socks, lace shawls, haps, and Fair Isle colorwork. 

Shetland Sock comes in 350yd/70-75g skeins and 100yd/20g minis.


Shetland DK

Our Shetland DK yarn is a plush, rustic DK weight yarn. Like our sock yarn, it is spun with both the soft undercoat and slightly coarser outer coat of the Shetland fleece. Its 3-ply structure makes it great for cables and other textured knits. It is ideal for sweaters, hats, and Fair Isle colorwork.

Shetland DK comes in 250yd/90-100g skeins and 65yd/25g minis.

Shetland Bulky

This rustic, bulky-weight yarn is supremely squish-able! We love it for warm, cozy knits like colorwork mittens and beanies. Spun with a 2-ply structure from our double coated Shetlands, it has a gorgeous texture with some subtle heathering.

Shetland Bulky comes in 150yd/115-130g skeins.

Shetland Core

We're excited to be offering corespun yarn! It's made of our Shetland wool wrapped around a strong cotton core. This ultra chunky yarn is designed with rug weaving in mind, but it's great for finger knitting, weighted blankets, and anything that requires a thick, ropey yarn.

Shetland Core comes in 1lb/30yd balls.


Gotland Bulky: Currently sold out

This limited run of bulky weight yarn is spun with 70% wool from our Gotland sheep blended with 30% US Merino wool. It's a 3-ply yarn with the luster and drape of Gotland wool, combined with the loft and memory of Merino.


Spinning fiber & more

Occasionally we have roving, locks, or raw fleeces available for spinners and felters. Please contact us if you would like to reserve some wool from our next shearing!